We chase the money so you don't have to!

Why Use A Debt Collection Service?

Are you tired of slow payers? Sick of the constant excuses?

We chase the money so you don’t have to.

We recover all types of bad debt, whether it is a portfolio of accounts, ad hoc collection or debt factoring on old debts.

As a small boutique debt collection agency we work in partnership with your business maximising the chance of a successful outcome.

A no collection, no fee policy ensures you are not out of pocket before any money is seen.

We also review your existing term of business to see if collection costs can be added. Most of the time they can be.

Collection is undertaken in an ethical, prompt and professional manner.

Last year we had an 87% success rate on debts under 12 months old. We get results.

Ready to get started? Lodging a debt with us is really easy. Just click “Lodge a Debt“.

If you would like to go over the process in more detail, use our contact form and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

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